From Ocean Trash to Everyday Cash

Helping Keep the Animals’ Splash

About Keep the Splash

Keep The Splash makes sea glass jewelry that helps to clean the ocean by utilizing 10% of the money from each necklace purchase to fund cleaning the ocean projects.

My name is Lili Cihocki and I created “Keep The Splash”. I am 13 years old and started this business in the summer of 2020. I had decided to start making sea glass jewelry because a while ago I had gone to Maine with my family (Maine is where I get my sea glass) and I looked at the beaches and there was a lot of trash. I thought that was awful. So, I thought about making sea glass jewelry as a way to help the animals I saw. Since then I have gone to farmers markets, my front lawn roadside stand and a children’s entrepreneur expo. I started spreading the word about helping keep the ocean clean. My business catchphrase is “From ocean trash to everyday cash helping keep the animals splash.” I decided to go with the name “Keep the Splash” because by cleaning the ocean I am or I hope I am saving sea animals so they can still splash. Some things I have found on the beach were a lightbulb, straws, plastic bags, etc. I have collected many pounds of trash and will continue to collect more. So by selling this jewelry I am hoping to let people know that putting or having trash in the ocean is life threatening for sea animals.

My mission is that one day I won’t have to pick up any more trash and sea animals will be able to keep splashing freely.

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